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I speak, therefore I am
It’s quite obvious that human beings are “humans” because they speak, that nothing could be more important than words, come “before” words, being sine qua non for the word.
“Society” is not something given for granted but is formed at the moment when someone speaks and someone else listens. It is a society created by the identity of Language, because, not only do human beings speak only if they hear others speaking but they also speak exclusively in the language they hear spoken. *

Why refrains?
The interaction of “language-thought” is so close that it is almost impossible to know something without knowing the word that identifies the object. Our brain identifies words through the sound to which it corresponds. A sound that we have been listening to many times. Musicians indeed experience the beauty of the auditory recognition as something they appreciate, something they “love”. “Refrains” were invented for this purpose, but it is especially the auditory sense that really loves repetition, that enjoys it so much as to become “dependent” on it. Have we not all experienced a popular refrain that we couldn’t get rid of? *

Hearing silence
If the human voice disrupts Nature by the word and shatters the naturalness of sounds it is the same human voice that also creates silence. Silence depends upon the significance that human beings give to any sound. A person who lacks hearing is therefore also lacking in the experience and consequently the concept of “silence”. Silence is a very important cultural tool, it is a profoundly significant part of language because it sets pauses in the continuous dialogue of thought. In fact it helps to concentrate on the meaning of thoughts by creating a second “I” within the person, a second I that makes one aware of the first I objectifying it during the process of thinking itself. *

* from the article “Potenza della Parola” by Ida Magli

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